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Heyyy Guys,

Sorry it has been so long since I have posted! I hope you all are having a great Summer so far :D.

So yea! I have been doing pretty darn good. I like that I am done school and at the same time I don’t like it! Like I like that I am done school, because I get a break from some people who are sometimes rude to me a bit. I really like all of my teachers at the school! A LOT. But earlier this year, I made a groaning comment when one of my teacher mentioned the church. And then they told me that teenagers like to rebel, so thats why I don’t like the church, but said it was fine that I have a different view so people shouldn’t get angry at me. The first part made me angry, because well I am not rebelling, as soon as I have a different opinion I am suddenly hateful and rebelling, that is NOT FAIR for me. I don’t call religious people hateful, although a lot of the time I could, for like SOME of their views on homosexual marriage and stuff. It also bugs me that the Catholic church THINKS that it violate people’s rights, like are you kidding me. They baptize children without their permission, the international community should know that this is NOT OKAY. That probably will be going against the child’s will. Religion is dumb, and I don’t care who reads this, its true!! Like God doesn’t exist, the whole psychological theory makes sense. People get satisfaction out of believing in God, its a natural brain process, if you feel like someone is there for you when someone who is physically real lets you do, well thats going to give you mental satisfaction, thats all that believing in God is, it is not an actual belief and there is no actual God. Why the church and other religions feel as if they have to force their beliefs on others is not understandable and is seriously misguided. Its really wrong! Anyway we need to fight this people,

Have a lovely day!