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    Christian Church/Religion Views

Honestly, I need to explain myself and why I sometimes call the Catholic religion garbage. I have to agree, its not all garbage. And there are some good parts to it, but it feels as if I call myself Catholic some people will associate me with the institution. I am also posting this, so I can reference it, when people would like to call me stupid when I say its not the greatest religion. Ok, so lets first start,

– Firstly, lets start with homosexual marriage. I see many problems there, this is the part I especially find hypocritical. The fact that the institution says its all for human rights and equality;its truly not. Its like:

“We accept everyone, but not that”

Maybe they should consider this the next time the institution says its for human rights. I know for a fact that many people have felt hurt by this. What if a person who has been Catholic all their lives, has homosexual tendencies. Does that mean, that you would not allow that person to marry? Thats not my idea of protecting human rights at all.

– Thirdly, I find the Catholic school system has its issues . A Jewish teacher has actually told me, that the school board will choose Christian teachers over people who aren’t Catholic. But in Canada don’t we have the right, to be equally chosen based on religion? Also the Catholic school system forces you to take religion, although Ontario doesn’t require it. I think we should have the choice. And no that doesn’t sound like brainwashing at all. I will honestly be happy when all Catholic schools are forced to become public by the government.

– Fourthly, Consummation … This lately has been making me peeved. Like who says that you have to have intercourse to make a marriage legit. I think everyone should wait until they are ready, and do it whenever they’d like. And the pope could dissolve a marriage because of it…

– Fifthly, – The church claims that its a peaceful religion… Sure I have studied history. And the crusades are when the Catholic church was actually fighting people. All they cared about was taking the holy land, they didn’t care about the fact that it was also the Hindu’s home and not just ours.

Sixthly, They aren’t against drinking. Thats why Buddhism is so lovely, its actually against it 🙂 The Catholic church actually serves it at church for gosh sakes. I am a person who doesn’t believe drinking is ok on any occasion.

Seventhly, – The Abraham and Sarah story. He was willing to kill his son for God, why would God ask him to do this in the first place? Thats not a loving God to me, and a loving God doesn’t ask for his followers to kill someone to show their love for him.

Eighthly, – The ten commandments…. A lot of them are great however, a few I completely don’t agree with:

– You shall not believe in other Gods than me…. Well I believe that anyone can celebrate who they believe in, as long as it doesn’t harm others. I believe in freedom, and that any other God (Other than extremist or anyone that would hurt someone) is just as legitimate as the Christian God is.

Ninthly, It uses fear tactics to pull people in. I find that kind of stupid, very stupid. Shouldn’t a religion not be using fear. I think thats a horrible way. They just want numbers, I wish I could tell people that its ok. You don’t have to be intimidated anymore, from this horrible, horrible thing. It really disgusts me…

Tenthly, by the way religion WE DON’T NEED YOU TO BE GOOD PEOPLE. Just thought I’d put that out there. I believe people can be good by w/o religion.

Eleventhly: The way they make you feel like your going to die WITHOUT A DOUBT. I mean we don’t know what the future holds. Like give me a break, honestly Catholic religion stop being so negative.

Twelfthly: (OK not even a word xD) In Catholic schools they don’t teach us whats wrong with religion, they only teach us how its great and its perfect. You will not see how its not that great in a textbook. Which is completely biased. And sounds like brainwashing to me 😛 .

Thirthenthly, UHM. Wow now I have so much evidence to show that the Catholic institution is just total garbage its not even funny. Seriously, read this: . I am completely digusted. That article says it all, people are leaving the church beacuse of this. I AM GLAD. The Catholic churchs hypocritical views are beyond me. I hope that more people learn about this and push against it.

Fourteenthly, Okay I find the Catholic institution has major issues with Abortion that it must fix. Okay if you read that article above you would notice the largest one. They are way too strict on abortion, THERE are certain cases where it must be permitted for health reasons. This is not the media over stating the problem, it is there. Also the problem with babies created by rape is a major issue. These babies deserve life yes, most definantly. The problem is however, everytime the mother looks into the baby she will see her rape offender, none of us (Hopefully) know how it feels to be raped and the emotional damage. Every time the mother will look into her childs face, she will see her rapist. Adoption is a possibility, however the rape victim will still have to go over the ordeal that she is caring a baby that was created out of a person who she associates with fear. I would imagine it would be an extremely painful experience. I am not justifying abortion n the case of the rape victim, however we cannot be so quick as to judge.

Fifthteenly, papal infallibility. That has to be one of the stupidest things. I am sorry, but honestly. Everyone makes mistakes and that is true. You cannot deny this, the pope is just another human being. Yes he is, that is logic.

I will continue to add as I think of more. This is just to support my opinion, if you would like to explain something to me I am open to it 🙂 Just don’t make comments like, “Your stupid” , or some swear words or something 🙂 Love people for who they are, AND STOP telling them how and what to do please.

Sick and tired of the religion, and I needed to vent a bit. But remember, not trying to hurt anyone. Just trying to explain how I feel.

Okay, I just noticed how frustrated I am with religion. Enough is enough. Religion doesn’t do anything for us, and I presenting this idea with being totally unbiased, because I was raised in a family and choose the secular path. People are naturally moral, which is how religion was created. HOWEVER it has been twisted so many different ways, it is in need of some serious and drastic changes which WE need to make! If we do not, we will be failing others who will be forced into this type of life which I would wish on no one. Its really really really frustrating, about the most frustrating thing I have ever had dealt with in my life. The fact the school board would ever make me have to choose between my friends and teachers, and my beliefs. Its like I am water, and the beliefs are fire. We don’t mix. Secularism is the correct way to go, because:

-There is no discrimination, there is no hate. And I would never base my beliefs on anything other than what comes out of my head and my mind, and what is right. The bible is just like a harry potter book, it is A BOOK and that is all. You cannot just solely choose to base your life on this, that would be completely out of line. Did you know that the church used to support racism? Now its the same thing with homosexual rights, we need to stand up people. The church is committing an act that is harming society as a whole, the same thing goes for woman’s rights. Why can’t they be priests? There is absolutely so justification whatsoever. Some people might say well, God is a male (I apologize, I don’t like when people put is or was with God either) .. XD. Most people I have talked to have said God is unisex! And even if he isn’t that is basically saying males can relate better to God just because hes a male. Some people really need to put things in prospective with this.

– Secularist life style, makes you feel more free. You aren’t afraid to committing yourself to any religion, try it, it feels great. You don’t worry about death, you just think “Whatever” :P. I will cross that bridge when I get there type of thing. I mean I have had people in my life who have passed, and I didn’t get through it with religion thats for sure. I guess people who have that strong nurture aspect from their family, have that type of thought engraved in their head and trust me when you don’t and see the whole picture its really tough! Because some people are just so focused in following some book.

– Okay, yea some people think religion makes people do good. Does it really? People think religion keeps others or themselves from going insane, the truth is the whole psychology behind it. If you look at what having a God figure does in the mind it is kind of like a little psychologist. If everyone had their own psychologist, religion would be decimated :P. But the reality is that people do not and not everyone can afford it. Some look at it as a sense of a community, this is what I mean psychology examines a lot about this kind of stuff. People get different types of satisfaction from it, so they keep doing and have a need that they need to enforce it because they don’t want that feeling to go away. AKA. why I have to take religion, even though it wouldn’t harm anyone if the people who wanted to talk it in high school could and the others who don’t, will not. Some people use the excuse that I am in a Catholic school therefore I should have to take it. But that has ABSOLUTELY no justification. I am in no way comparing the nazi’s to religion, but its like saying in 1941 in Germany ” You are in Germany therefore you have to be a nazi” Don’t listen to that conservative way of thinking, its totally and completely out of line and needs to be told to sit down. Its not fair, not right and goes against my freedoms. Do you really think I was thinking about this when I was like 4 and my parents were signing me up to a Catholic school, no I was still in the “I love God” stage.

– History has shown us one example after another of the atrocities of religion. The Christian crusades led to numerous wars and the massacre of hundreds of thousands of innocent people. The witch trials exemplify how badly the juridical system can be perverted by religion, and tens of thousands of people were executed without any possibility of defending themselves against the baseless accusations, and many were tortured during their trials.

– The dangers come from the fact that religion can make people absolutely certain that they are in possession of divine and infallible truth, and that this allows them to do whatever they like to anyone who doesn’t do what their interpretation of the religion demands. As Voltaire succinctly put it: “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”

– All of these things make me so angry, that I struggle to put it into words. How dare such people presume to make themselves lords of their neighbours, based on a book filled with blessings of violence, rape and war written by primitive people millennia ago?

– Atheists are often told by theists that since they aren’t religious, they can’t behave morally. However I think it says quite a bit about the morality of those saying such things. Who is really the more moral person, he who behaves well by his own volition, or he who only behaves well because he’s threatened with the eternal torment of hell?

Furthermore even Christians tend to put their own moral standards above those given by their god, this can be seen from the way they pick and choose among the numerous commandments of the Bible. They don’t accept them all, they only select those that are consistent with their own internal moral compass, and this undermines arguments based on a superior god given morality.

-I also don’t find it the moral thing to do, to worship a being who has numerous atrocities on his conscience, and I find it quite ironic that the Bible is called “The Good Book”.

-Some see a disadvantage in the lack of “magic” in the world of the atheist – I don’t. I think that the real world is awe inspiring without the filter of religion. As the author Douglas Adams puts it: “Isn’t it enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too?”

There seems to be a wide spread acceptance of the idea that it’s wrong to criticize other people’s religious ideas, and while political satire is completely acceptable, religious satire isn’t. I must admit that the reasoning behind this eludes me.

If someone believes that the best way to combat unemployment is to chop off everybody’s hands, then no one would demand that we respect this point of view and think it beyond critique or satire. Why then is it that such demands are made regarding the dangerous and absurd claims of religion?

I won’t respect a point of view that is arguably silly and morally abhorrent to me, and I will reserve the right to criticize it with or without the use of satire. On the other hand I accept the right of others to hold such points of view.

By putting religion beyond critique, we risk being stuck in a quagmire of religious ignorance, oppression and violence.

On the other hand we shouldn’t mock religion, but there’s a difference between mocking and satire. Mocking is simply putting other people down, while satire is a useful tool for making a point clearer through the use of humour and exaggeration.

Why is it that if I claim that the keyboard, I’m typing this on, regularly turns into green cheese from the planet Krypton, then everyone will call me insane, but if someone claims that the bread they are eating and the wine they are drinking are turning into the flesh and blood of a guy born of a virgin, who is his own father, and who rose from the dead 2000 years ago, then he’s called a Catholic and should be respected for his faith?

When an absurd belief is labeled religious, then it suddenly isn’t considered absurd any more. This seems pretty weird to me, and let’s face it, most religions are based on beliefs that really are silly. A typical example of this is the story of the Ten Commandments.


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