This needs to stop

Hello everyone,

I am so sick and irritated of people using words to hurt people. In that I mean uttering the word *ag or n****. It really bothers me that people think its okay to keep saying it even though it has the exact connotation related to a word of hate against people of a darker skin tone, or homosexuals. Some people even have the audacity, to say “Well I stand for equal rights” But then go ahead and use words of hate. You’d think adults would be more competent enough to tell their children, ” You shouldn’t use those words, because they insult people, and are used to hate against them”, however I have seen adults who thoroughly use them in front of their children…. not teaching them that they’re words of hate. And then how dare someone get all freaky over me with censorship, you know what? If words are used to hate, than they should be banned. I mean, specifically a word that is used to hate, like *** or N***** or d***. Those words have been used to hate people throughout centuries. And then they freak out about their freedom of speech, you don’t have the freedom to utter hate speech, and you know what if free speech has to do with allowing people to disseminate words of hate… than it is absolutely incorrect in letting people do so. Its really not a hard concept to understand, we want to limit the pain to people, words do hurt, so limiting the words that are used to hate will help, unless you’re a self centered, and selfish person who thinks “As long as its not hurting me, its okay”.


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