Helllo :) Good morning.

I am having a pretty okay morning. Someone wrote in my honesty box that I am an ***hole… I really don’t get it. I really don’t understand it, so I just ignored it. I am so sick and tired of these other people doing that. All I want to do is help people and make them feel good, sure sometimes peoples opinions may vary but it doesn’t mean you have to send them hate mail. NOT accusing anyone here, I want to make that clear, its just I really don’t know who would do it. Its so immature and hateful, its ridiculous…. I wouldn’t do that to anyone. I want people to feel good, not feel sad or upset. I am just ignoring it, for now. But some people just make me feel bad because my opinion varies, I don’t know why they do, but I guess they get too defensive. Just because you have different opinions doesn’t mean that you should be hated I mean its nuts. Sometimes I just cannot wait to get out of highschool. Guaranteed that the person who wrote to, I have written a nice comment in theres, sometime or another… Again, I want people to feel good and smile. So I just ignored it, hopefully I can just forget about it so whoever it is doesn’t bother me again. I don’t want others to suffer from me complementing them, but I also don’t want people to be attacking me either. Why are some people so hateful? I don’t get it, as much as I don’t understand recreational drugs as being good things. My F can sometimes be negative, and really how is it solving anything? It solves nothing but making others feel bad around you. Anyway I have to go, I hope you all have a great day :),
Don’t forget to smile!



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