My principles/ethics

Okay well I thought i’d make a post about general rules I follow in life:

– Gender is just an illusion, don’t think as it dividing anything other than physical, which can now be changed through operations. It has nothing to do with mental compacity, life expectancy, thinking, moral views, etc. Like even if statistics show that females live longer than males in OUR society, its because thats how a lot of people in our society think and follow that way of thinking… Hard concept to grasp I know.

– Everyone is there own person, don’t define them by where they live, gender, etc.

– Stay away from drugs and alcohol. They are uneeded and only cause harm to the world.

– Relationships are very important. You must have good relationships with people you see everyday and others around you to live a furfilled life. Whether they are family or not they are critical to your well being.

– Religion is an uneeded concept that was created by people in less developed times. If we relied on eachother we would have no need for religion (Buddhism seems as an acception, because you don’t really rely on a God) and the world would improve greatly.

– Conservatism is something that has no place in the world. HOWEVER, there is common sense. For instance, polagmy should NOT be allowed because the man/woman who has mutiple spouses cannot adquently and equally provide for each spouse at the same time.

– Live a happy life, don’t let things get you too down in the gutter… Its important to stay positive and avoid unpleasant/negative people. Its good to see good qualities in people who seem negative, because seeing positive qualities in them may make them have more of a positive outlook on life.

– Life experience isn’t a very good thing to teach others based on. The fact is that not everyone is going to feel the same way you feel on a situation. Not everyone is going to think the same way whether you like it or not. So trying to instill things like ” You wouldn’t like that if you were actually doing it or affected by it” type of thing in children is not a good way to go.

– EVERYONE has an opinion and is going to think differently. Thats just who they are… and makes them, them. HUMANS cannot be defined by “norms”.

– Statistics fluctuate, so don’t believe practically anything you read. Make up your own opinion on things you see, and how you feel.

I will add more as I think of them 🙂


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