Man some people are idiots -_-

Okay, yea. I really don’t understand the church at all lol. They are such idiots its quite funny. Like I want to like, I don’t even know ! Its so frustrating how much of an idiot the church can be, they fail at acquiring the whole picture so frequently, its disturbing. I was reading about how a pope can annul a marriage if you don’t have the sexual compacity? Are you stupid. Love isn’t all about sexual intercourse… that kind of view is disturbing and frankly disgusting. Like where does that come from? It makes no sense whatsoever. Love isn’t a defined thing, its different for everyone, thats what makes the church a bit of an idiot, well not a bit. Stop trying to define people, we cannot be defined, everyone is an individual, and are beautiful. Like its just when people blame terrorist bombers for their actions, I mean yea sure they did it, but they were raised that way. Thats where the problem lies. Its just so frustrating, and demeaning to define something as being normal. Everyone is their own person, thats it PERIOD. And back to subject of marriage, are they too idiotic to think that love is more than sexual? Actually most of it is focused on an emotional aspect of helping each other get through the rough times, its more of a partnership than anything. Its just so frustrating, so happy I live in a free country, where this stuff doesn’t define the laws. I mean I just don’t get it!!! It makes zero sense, but I guess thats just how some people are brought up and therefore choose to follow it. But it makes me laugh 😛 Anyway I have homework, have a great day! :),



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