Good Afternoon :)

Today I have a day off <3. I love days off hahaha. Like life is so busy, sometimes you just need a break. But I love school a lot too!! While I was taking a shower, I was thinking about how stupid and idiotic some people can be sometimes. Like, in Ontario, apparently however I haven’t confirmed this myself, they can charge males higher rates then females for driving insurance -_-. I would fight against this, no matter if I was female or male. This is discrimination… Okay, first of all its so obvious that just because some guy speeds and gets in accidents, how in the world does that mean that I am going to get into more accidents? It absolutely doesn’t make sense. Like I really don’t agree with it, its as idiotic as saying, people from Switzerland steal more so we should charge them more at stores, which is completely idiotic to say. So like, even if statistics say that, THEY FLUCTUATE, HELLO. Its so obvious. IFF a company charges me more when I start driving, I will file a human rights complaint, its just ridiculous. I hate when people try to distinguish males from females but fail so hardcore. Like, we are all just people, with different personalities. Gender is just a delusion…. If you think otherwise, well you’re wrong. Look around you, EVERYONE is different. Maybe this goes back to church days? I have no idea… But its frankly disgusting. The church, does this too, therefore it is an idiot. Women cannot be priests? Why not? Thats ridiculous! Argh. Also lately I have been studying Buddhism, it seems like probably the best religion out there. I mean I could live with it co existing, and maybe even follow it, like at least its hypocritical like Christianity can be. I am also fully against alcohol, how could the church INCLUDE alcohol in their ceremonies. It just doesn’t make sense, “Oh we stand for good values, but you know drinking…” . Anyways I have to go, talk you later, have a great day!! :),



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