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Hey guys! :)

I hope you all are having a great weekend!! Sorry I haven’t been writing lately, just busy… Well not totally true, finally had a weekend with no homework. That was good…. Last week was an okayish one, it kind of sucked. I felt like no one understood me and I was so much different then everyone else. I mean its kind of hard learning that even people that are very smart and good, do ‘bad’ things. Like alcohol…. That bugs me, can’t people see that its secretly killing people…? Why can’t people who drink it not understand that. It causes cancer… and liver issues, and these are among other large problems. It doesn’t make sense… Whatever. It can go and screw itself in the corner :P. Anyway, you guys should check out my new video:

Have a great night!


Helllo :) Good morning.

I am having a pretty okay morning. Someone wrote in my honesty box that I am an ***hole… I really don’t get it. I really don’t understand it, so I just ignored it. I am so sick and tired of these other people doing that. All I want to do is help people and make them feel good, sure sometimes peoples opinions may vary but it doesn’t mean you have to send them hate mail. NOT accusing anyone here, I want to make that clear, its just I really don’t know who would do it. Its so immature and hateful, its ridiculous…. I wouldn’t do that to anyone. I want people to feel good, not feel sad or upset. I am just ignoring it, for now. But some people just make me feel bad because my opinion varies, I don’t know why they do, but I guess they get too defensive. Just because you have different opinions doesn’t mean that you should be hated I mean its nuts. Sometimes I just cannot wait to get out of highschool. Guaranteed that the person who wrote to, I have written a nice comment in theres, sometime or another… Again, I want people to feel good and smile. So I just ignored it, hopefully I can just forget about it so whoever it is doesn’t bother me again. I don’t want others to suffer from me complementing them, but I also don’t want people to be attacking me either. Why are some people so hateful? I don’t get it, as much as I don’t understand recreational drugs as being good things. My F can sometimes be negative, and really how is it solving anything? It solves nothing but making others feel bad around you. Anyway I have to go, I hope you all have a great day :),
Don’t forget to smile!


My principles/ethics

Okay well I thought i’d make a post about general rules I follow in life:

– Gender is just an illusion, don’t think as it dividing anything other than physical, which can now be changed through operations. It has nothing to do with mental compacity, life expectancy, thinking, moral views, etc. Like even if statistics show that females live longer than males in OUR society, its because thats how a lot of people in our society think and follow that way of thinking… Hard concept to grasp I know.

– Everyone is there own person, don’t define them by where they live, gender, etc.

– Stay away from drugs and alcohol. They are uneeded and only cause harm to the world.

– Relationships are very important. You must have good relationships with people you see everyday and others around you to live a furfilled life. Whether they are family or not they are critical to your well being.

– Religion is an uneeded concept that was created by people in less developed times. If we relied on eachother we would have no need for religion (Buddhism seems as an acception, because you don’t really rely on a God) and the world would improve greatly.

– Conservatism is something that has no place in the world. HOWEVER, there is common sense. For instance, polagmy should NOT be allowed because the man/woman who has mutiple spouses cannot adquently and equally provide for each spouse at the same time.

– Live a happy life, don’t let things get you too down in the gutter… Its important to stay positive and avoid unpleasant/negative people. Its good to see good qualities in people who seem negative, because seeing positive qualities in them may make them have more of a positive outlook on life.

– Life experience isn’t a very good thing to teach others based on. The fact is that not everyone is going to feel the same way you feel on a situation. Not everyone is going to think the same way whether you like it or not. So trying to instill things like ” You wouldn’t like that if you were actually doing it or affected by it” type of thing in children is not a good way to go.

– EVERYONE has an opinion and is going to think differently. Thats just who they are… and makes them, them. HUMANS cannot be defined by “norms”.

– Statistics fluctuate, so don’t believe practically anything you read. Make up your own opinion on things you see, and how you feel.

I will add more as I think of them 🙂

Man some people are idiots -_-

Okay, yea. I really don’t understand the church at all lol. They are such idiots its quite funny. Like I want to like, I don’t even know ! Its so frustrating how much of an idiot the church can be, they fail at acquiring the whole picture so frequently, its disturbing. I was reading about how a pope can annul a marriage if you don’t have the sexual compacity? Are you stupid. Love isn’t all about sexual intercourse… that kind of view is disturbing and frankly disgusting. Like where does that come from? It makes no sense whatsoever. Love isn’t a defined thing, its different for everyone, thats what makes the church a bit of an idiot, well not a bit. Stop trying to define people, we cannot be defined, everyone is an individual, and are beautiful. Like its just when people blame terrorist bombers for their actions, I mean yea sure they did it, but they were raised that way. Thats where the problem lies. Its just so frustrating, and demeaning to define something as being normal. Everyone is their own person, thats it PERIOD. And back to subject of marriage, are they too idiotic to think that love is more than sexual? Actually most of it is focused on an emotional aspect of helping each other get through the rough times, its more of a partnership than anything. Its just so frustrating, so happy I live in a free country, where this stuff doesn’t define the laws. I mean I just don’t get it!!! It makes zero sense, but I guess thats just how some people are brought up and therefore choose to follow it. But it makes me laugh 😛 Anyway I have homework, have a great day! :),



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Good Afternoon :)

Today I have a day off <3. I love days off hahaha. Like life is so busy, sometimes you just need a break. But I love school a lot too!! While I was taking a shower, I was thinking about how stupid and idiotic some people can be sometimes. Like, in Ontario, apparently however I haven’t confirmed this myself, they can charge males higher rates then females for driving insurance -_-. I would fight against this, no matter if I was female or male. This is discrimination… Okay, first of all its so obvious that just because some guy speeds and gets in accidents, how in the world does that mean that I am going to get into more accidents? It absolutely doesn’t make sense. Like I really don’t agree with it, its as idiotic as saying, people from Switzerland steal more so we should charge them more at stores, which is completely idiotic to say. So like, even if statistics say that, THEY FLUCTUATE, HELLO. Its so obvious. IFF a company charges me more when I start driving, I will file a human rights complaint, its just ridiculous. I hate when people try to distinguish males from females but fail so hardcore. Like, we are all just people, with different personalities. Gender is just a delusion…. If you think otherwise, well you’re wrong. Look around you, EVERYONE is different. Maybe this goes back to church days? I have no idea… But its frankly disgusting. The church, does this too, therefore it is an idiot. Women cannot be priests? Why not? Thats ridiculous! Argh. Also lately I have been studying Buddhism, it seems like probably the best religion out there. I mean I could live with it co existing, and maybe even follow it, like at least its hypocritical like Christianity can be. I am also fully against alcohol, how could the church INCLUDE alcohol in their ceremonies. It just doesn’t make sense, “Oh we stand for good values, but you know drinking…” . Anyways I have to go, talk you later, have a great day!! :),