Gooddddd morning people!! :)

I hope everyone is having a great morning!! Sorry I couldn’t write in here last night, I finished homework way to late. Oh man I have so much homework lately, its nutsss!!! And I have a test tomorrow, which I only studied an hour for so far!! GAH. I cannot wait until I am through this period of heavy work!! Ah well, I was thinking about the church again. And how they say that they want equality, yet they don’t let women be priests and no homosexual marriage, well that’s quite stupid and hypocritical if you ask me. It just makes me upset that something that people look at as a good thing is really an evil thing. I am so against their hurtful declarations, and I will fight against that forever. If I become a teacher I do want to teach in a Catholic school, because I like the environment, and I never minded taking religion because its really interesting to learn about because I find religion interesting, just its not for me. Like I don’t at this point in my life care about it, I mean like I don’t even know whats going on. I am more concerned with what I am doing in my life then something that could not be there. Imagine that, people spending all that time and then its just not there, that would be sad. But I kind of do believe in a higher power, just one who stands for equality and loves everyone the way that I see love, equality.


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