Okay, so my first post…

I think this blog is totally amazing and gives me such a sense of expression. A little about me? Well I am a kind, academically hardworking person, nice guy. I get stressed out easily, and I get upset at religion very easily sometimes. I am really interested in subjects such as, history, media, law, biology, world issues, music, entertainment, etc. I live in Canada, which I absolutely love, I am so happy to live in Canada and to have been born here :). I really enjoy school and I feel close to some of my teachers at school, I mean like sometimes they are like my second parents … haha. I don’t understand why some people are jerks sometimes, its usually not in their personality… But its just I guess they have a bad day and then they choose to attack others? I have no clue haha. Anyway I am sure I will enjoy this a lot 🙂 HAVE A GREAT NIGHT (:,



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